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Sat, Jul. 5th, 2008, 01:17 am

I've spent about half a day trying to think of an interesting topic to post about.
I couldn't even describe myself interestingly in 30 words, let alone 100.
In 10 words I could say ' I'm sam, I live in cairns, get me outta here'.
In 5 words I could say ' I like photography and sleeping'.
In 4 ' I collect bus tickets.'
In 3 ' I'm just cruisin'.'
With 2 words ' I'm unemployed '.
Or I could simply describe myself as 'chill'. But then again, I would be missing out things like my plans for the future, how fascinated I am about culture or how lazy I am.

Past that, this week has been pretty good. Actually, I can't even remember what I did up until thursday. I'm looking forward to sunday, wednesday and going back to school.
Not keen on school work though.

I'm missing Adelaide alot lately too. Its been over a year now but I'm missing what I can't forget. Like a locked gate but I've misplaced the key. So noone enters, but noone ever leaves.

After finding this really cool place down the road from my house the other day, I am really into trees.

Tue, Jul. 1st, 2008, 10:42 pm

Im writing this post early, but after reading heaps of straight edge blogs and posts from online communities it just got my brain working. 
It made me open my eyes more. I was never a fan of sell outs. Hated them. I strongly thought they gave edge a bad rep and just made people who are actually serious about edge seem like a joke. 
But whatever, its their life and they can do what they want. Last time I checked, straight edge was about living for yourself, and sell outs have no affect on me. A lot of people might think they give straight edge a bad name, well I'll claim edge even if it has the worst rep possible. If their wasn't so many social ties to edge like x's, bands, clothing, 'crews', I doubt a lot of kids would of gotten into it in the first place. They get into it for a while, it gives them a place to fit in for a couple of months and then move on when their life does. But then again, who gives a fuck. They're life right? Not mine. 

But what I've read over and over again that I don't agree with is that straight edge is a movement. Sure theres millitant edge kids out there who think its great to go out and start shit with others who drink and so on, but there is no movement. If you really want to become such an activist destroy the addiction, get out in the streets and fight the kids you see smoking, burn down the alcohol stores, kill your local drug dealer even. If you see edge as a movement, well go and move. Don't just talk about it, do something about it. But that shit is way beyond the concept of edge. Its beyond hardcore punk, its beyond some song lyrics and some slogan t shirts. At the end of the day, no one gives a fuck weather your straight edge or not except yourself. 

How long have you been straight edge?
Not long, a year in a few days time.

Why did you claim edge?
Self preservation, self control, self experiences.
For myself basically.

Have you ever considered breaking it? 
Not exactly. When  I first claimed I had second thoughts about weather or not I made the right choice or not. I questioned if I was actually mature enough at that age to make that type of commitment.
But I got over that pretty soon.

Do you think you'll ever break?
Nope. It's become an intergral part of me.

What do your friends/family think of it?
Coming from a place where there isn't really a hardcore scene, I guess alot of my friends don't really understand it. My family thinks its some sort of cult and my brother makes jokes about spiking my drink.
But in the end, they're all pretty supportive of it.

What do you tell people when they ask about your straight edge?
It never really comes up in conversation tbh. But having to explain it over and over again, Im pretty keen on just telling them to google it now.

Do you believe that being straight edge doesn't count until you're 18?
Well being 15, obviously not.

Would you ever consider getting a sxe tattoo?
Definiately. Theres a few edge tattoos on my 'tattoos to get' list.

Do you have any additions to straight edge? (Are you vegan/vegetarian? do you use caffeine? etc)
 No. I don't even see them as additions to edge. Just other things you live by.

Tue, Jul. 1st, 2008, 12:29 pm
fuck intros.

After reading Dylan's livejournal, I decided to make one of my own. It seemed like the cool thing to do. 
Im not exactly too sure on how this whole thing works but having a space to rant is epixxxx. 

Seeing as this is my first post perhaps I should introduce myself.
My name is Sam, Im almost 16 and that's pretty cool. I live in Cairns, North Queensland. Tourists love it but I don't. I like lomo, sitting at the rocks, sleeping, hardcore, hang outz, reading blogz, ebay, big lobes, walking, laughing, hugging, english lads, anything english to be honest and straight edge zine communities. 
Im not real keen on chicks with super heroe backpacks. fgts. 

At the moment I have nothing to whinge about or brag about, so I'll leave you with this fine piece of man meat ;).